Inmarsat Global Xpress

Inmarsat’s global* high-speed satellite data service, allowing internet access even in the most remote areas.  

Offering up to ~8MBps down and ~4Mbps up 

Applications Terminals

What can Global Xpress do?

Offering high-speed data from one provider allows for seamless coverage, wherever you go Inmarsat Global Xpress can support you.  

There are a range of portable terminals and fixed units catering for all needs, whether you need land portable terminals, back up building communications or high speed data at sea Global Xpress has an option for you.  

Mixed High Speed Ka-band and L-band offers greater flexibility but still with high speed options.

*Coverage currently excludes the polar regions, although Arctic coverage is planned.


Land Portable

A range of options from lightweight suitcase terminals to high bandwidth self pointing units.

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Land Fixed

Independent of local infrastructure Global Xpress fixed units can setup to provide data for fixed installations.

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Offering great versatility and options for marine users looking for more capacity than FleetBroadband

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Airtime Options

Starting at around US$1000 per month there are a range of options that can be tailored to your requirements, including geographic regions to bring down usage costs.


Always Updating

GX5 Launch Success!

The launch of the next set of satellites to offer more capacity has been successfully completed, allowing Inmarsat to offer even move flexibility and speed on the Global Xpress GX network. And with satellites planned to provide coverage of the Arctic, Inmarsat are continually striving to improve their network.

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